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Kids' Footwear

At Zippy, you will find the most essential and comfortable children's footwear to be worn all day long, for day-to-day life or for special occasions. Trainers are, without a doubt, the preferred option for daily adventures, due to their comfort and versatility. In our collection you will find ... trainers for all styles and personalities, from chunky to classic, adapted to each age group: with laces for the older ones and with elastics and touch fasteners for the little ones, so they are easy to put on and take off.

For special occasions or simply for family gatherings, classic leather shoes and ballet pumps with rubber soles are the most popular models. In the colder seasons, we cannot forget boots and ankle boots with rubber soles, which ensure a good grip to the ground and greater thermal comfort under low temperatures. On rainy days, the colourful wellies that the little ones love so much will allow them to jump in all puddles, keeping their feet dry and comfortable.

Finally, the Big Me system in Zippy shoes makes it all more intuitive: the insoles with semicircles allow children to quickly identify which foot corresponds to which shoe, thus developing their autonomy and confidence to put on their own shoes.