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Zippy - Back to School


September means back to school for the little ones. Tracksuits, trainers, smocks, T-shirts, and backpacks are just some of the must-have items to start the school year without fail. So, don't wait for the bell to ring and get them ready now for a memorable back to school with our new products!


Physical education classes are always the most exciting. Running, jumping, or playing football will be even more fun with the tracksuits, sweatshirts, trousers, and t-shirts from the new Zippy collection, designed for back to school. Practical, comfortable, and functional, our sportswear offers the perfect versatility to combine with casual looks.


After a long day at school, and whilst waiting for bedtime to arrive, the soft cotton pyjamas with sports motifs from the new collection will ensure the necessary comfort for the little ones to spend their last moments before entering the world of dreams.